Written by Carmela Jada in the Daily Gazette on September 11, 2020

Rep. Elise Stefanik announced the 39th result in the campaigns 100 Days, 100 Results Programs.

This highlights the critical wins that she has delivered to the North Country. She released her funding for Fort Ticonderoga and said she has worked with the National Endowment of the Humanities to secure over $250,000 in funding it.

This money will go towards the expansion and enhancement of their virtual programing to boost education and appreciation for the North Country’s rich history and culture.

Fort Ticonderoga holds North America’s largest 18th century artillery collection, 2,000 acres of historic land on Lake Champlain, the Carillon Battlefield, and the largest series of untouched Revolutionary War era earthworks surviving in America. It brings in over $12 million into the greater Ticonderoga area each year.

This grant funding is very important for the investment in education, preservation of our nation’s history, and our local communities.

This 100 days, 100 Results program is very important to win over a lot of the people who are unsure of the accomplishments that Rep. Stefanik strongly fights to get done.

All of these results are very beneficial to the 21st District and she continues to accomplish more for her people.

Carmela Jada
Burnt Hills

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