Written by Shamus Mulderry in The Post Star on September 5, 2020


Being one of the most bipartisan representatives in the house, Elise Stefanik understands that sometimes you need to make compromises in order to properly represent your constituents.

This week that was demonstrated when Elise joined other GOP representatives Will Hurd and Michael McCaul in signing off on the Post Office Relief Bill. By signing off on the bill, Elise was able to ensure that the radical far left agenda was not made a key issue in a bill that’s intention was to ensure the safety and longevity of our nation’s postal service.

As for the mail-in ballot argument, it is our belief that mail-in ballots are a separate issue from the funding required to properly and effectively run our nation’s post offices, and Elise is a strong supporter of voter security and sees it as a top priority coming into this year’s election.

Shamus Mulderry, South Glens Falls

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