Written by Kathy Racette in the Press-Republican on August 31, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: New York state is fortunate to have Congresswoman Elise Stefanik working for us.

My husband and I met Elise when she was first running for Congress. We both were impressed with her confidence and knowledge for such a young woman. She had a plan to work for the people of this state and still does, whether it is by her bipartisanship, working to pass acts to help the military, such as facilitating the agreement to ensure access to healthcare for our military families, promoting educational opportunities by introducing the bipartisan Classroom to Careers Act, which allows students to participate in Federal work-study programs, or protecting our constitutional rights.

She is not afraid to ask the tough questions as she did to Adam Schiff’s witnesses during his sham impeachment inquiry, while standing by President Trump.

I am confident Elise will continue to promote the freedom and welfare of this state and our country as she has shown in her past years in Congress. My husband and I fully support Elise in her bid for re-election. She has been an outstanding congresswomen for New York state.

Thank you, Elise.



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