Written by Bill Creighton in the Press-Republican on August 12, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is the clear choice to represent the North country.

Elise has consistently shown a passion for helping our district and her efforts have made our communities thrive. It is inspiring to see Elise stand up for the North Country, fighting to ensure a bright future for each member of the community. Watching her advocate on our behalf is incredibly encouraging because I know that our interests are being fully represented in D.C., where the North Country is often forgotten.

The enthusiasm that Elise has shown for the NY-21 District has made a huge impact on our overall success. We need a representative who will help our district, and that is exactly what Elise has always done.

Elise has helped to make many improvements in a wide range of areas such as our school systems, to helping our veterans, and simply helping our families and citizens. She genuinely cares about our success. Even when there is immense pressure from Congress to just give in, Elise continues to stand up for the values of the North Country.

She has never failed to do what she believes best for the entire district and that is why I will vote for her in November.


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