Written by Nadine Berbari in the Press-Republican on August 5, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Very soon, we will respond to our civic duties.

Some of us, loyal partisans, will vote for our 21st District party representatives only for the color they support. By doing so, do we really think about our region’s welfare?

Truthfully, when we vote, the decision made in the ballot booth has an impact on millions of lives. It doesn’t matter if the candidate is Blue or Red, only if that candidate has the set of skills, leadership and capabilities to provide our region with what we need.

The country’s leading media, either Democrats or Republicans, provide biased information beneficial to their political views. We barely hear of bipartisan opinions and when we do, it’s more likely reprimanded than applauded. Therefore, our duty is to overlook our big ideological beliefs and give a fair chance to the candidate who is most likely to succeed in Washington on our behalf.

That person is Congresswoman Stefanik, who has been representing this region proudly and efficiently. Keeping very busy in congress during these hard times, she was able to secure around $33 million in funds from U.S. Health and Human Services for our rural hospitals.

During her time in Washington, Ms. Stefanik has vigorously and intelligently represented her constituents. Ensuring that the Northern Region of our state has equal rights to all other regions in the country and their needs should be equally met.

By voting for her in the next election, you’re not voting solely for a Republican or a Democrat candidate, you’re voting for an American who wears her flag proudly and who puts her heart and soul in representing our beloved 21st District.



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