Written by Nicholas Southwick in the Press-Republican on July 27, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Any voter concerned with America’s standing on the world stage or with deteriorating political rhetoric can elect Joe Biden as president, instead of re-electing President Trump.

If those same voters wish to see continued independent and results-driven representation they will vote to reelect Congresswoman Stefanik. The people of the 21st District know she will continue this work regardless of the 2020 presidential winner. A vote for Joe Biden against President Trump will therefore accomplish more of Tedra Cobb’s agenda than a vote for Cobb herself and with better results for the North Country.

One wonders how Cobb intends to represent these voters who she insults with every Trump attack. This strategy is especially concerning given the work of representatives that is independent of presidents. Congresswoman Stefanik delivers results on veterans affairs, rural infrastructure, and increased cross-border commerce, whether working with Democratic President Barack Obama or Republican President Trump.

To end with a paraphrased verse from a popular musical: when all is said and all is done, Stefanik has results.


Rouses Point

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