Written by Curtis Hathaway in the Press-Republican on July 27, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: One of the most disappointing parts of politics I’ve seen recently has been the abandonment of our Second Amendment.

What began as a movement asking for minor regulations has turned into calls by liberals to ban all guns. They may claim in press conferences they don’t want to, but we have all heard the recordings of them saying they would if they could. What’s even worse is that some Republicans are starting to agree with the far left.

As someone who saw the Republican party as the protectors of the Constitution, I am incredibly disappointed in this transition. Fortunately, North Country conservatives have Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a representative who has been fighting for our liberties since day one.

Elise Stefanik has worked hard to support Americans’ Second Amendment rights. In Congress, she has consistently voted against laws that restrict this liberty. Additionally, she has called out Cuomo for passing a law that allows judges to ban citizens from purchasing firearms.

Despite this being a clear step towards an authoritarian government, liberals still support it. Elise’s challenger, Tedra Cobb, has said she supports Cuomo’s law. It should be obvious to any upstate New Yorker that Elise is the only candidate who believes in American liberty. She knows we all have the right to protect ourselves and isn’t afraid to challenge those who think otherwise.

Despite the increasing attacks from progressives, Elise Stefanik has remained firmly in support of Americans’ rights to bear arms. She knows our founding fathers created the Second Amendment for a reason, and isn’t going to let the leftist tide swallow her in a sea of hypocrisy like some other Republicans.

This upcoming November, we should remember the hard work Elise has put into defending our rights, as I know I will.


West Chazy

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