Saratoga: Two years ago this week, Taxin’ Tedra Cobb forever solidified her standing with North Country voters, who will never trust her, let alone elect her to represent the North Country in Congress.

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Tedra Cobb: “And a woman said how do you feel about assault rifles? And I said they should be banned.

“And I just said to her, I want you to know, Cindy, I cannot say that.”

“And she said, ‘well I want you to!’ And I said I won’t win.

Taxin’ Tedra goes on to say that gun control groups told her not to admit she supported a gun ban – because she wouldn’t win! That’s classic Taxin’ Tedra – she’ll take advice from radical Far-Left advocacy groups but does not care one bit about the values of North Country voters.

“Just like Taxin’ Tedra has never heard of a tax she didn’t want to raise – she’s never seen a gun she didn’t want to ban,” said Stefanik. “This campaign-wrecking ball of a statement by Taxin’ Tedra solidified what North Country voters already knew: her radical, socialist, Far-Left positions are 100% untenable and unacceptable in our region.

“North Country voters are responsible law-abiding American citizens who take their Constitutional right to bear arms seriously. Taxin’ Tedra admitting she would lie directly to voters about her desire to ban guns just to get elected is disturbing and beneath the dignity of a candidate for Congress. The worst part is she has yet to apologize to voters for outright lying to them. Even two years later, Taxin’ Tedra still refuses to answer questions from reporters on an assault weapons ban.

“I have always been open and transparent on every single one of my positions on important policy issues – as a candidate and a Congresswoman. Taxin’ Tedra should be ashamed of herself.”

Taxin Tedra’s Second Amendment Facts:

– She’s still lying to NY-21 about being a wannabe gun grabber. She still refuses to answer basic questions on her position on gun control and an assault weapons ban. Just this weekend, North Country voters were contacted by Taxin’ Tedra’s New York City volunteers confirming that she strongly supports gun control.

– The Albany Times Union newspaper endorsed her including her support for a gun ban in their editorial. They explicitly wrote about it in their endorsement story as one of the reasons they endorsed her. Yet under pressure from Taxin’ Tedra Cobb in order to continue to hide her position from voters, the Times Union went so far as to edit and delete Tedra’s position to appease her campaign saying they “misheard.” After the newspaper spent 15 minutes melting down pushing for a gun ban in Congresswoman Stefanik’sinterview, we doubt they “misheard” Taxin’ Tedra on her position.The good news is that it remained in the print version for all readers to see.

– Taxin’ Tedra also confirmed her support for a gun ban to Leader-Herald Newspaper in 2018 according to one of their reporters on record with our campaign.


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