Written by Elizabeth Brady in the Watertown Daily Times on July 10, 2020

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is a champion for the veterans of upstate New York. She has a true respect for and understanding of the great sacrifice made by those who serve. There are more veterans living in our district than any other district in the entire state, and Elise works tirelessly to support these heroes long after their time in the military has come to an end. The congresswoman and her offices have helped to recover millions of dollars of VA spending, improving the quality of life for these venerable members of our society who are so often (unfortunately) overlooked. The importance of supporting those who risked it all for us is not missed by Elise and she is an advocate and leading voice in Washington for veterans and current service members alike.

Since her election, the congresswoman has been involved in countless pieces of legislation to support our veterans, military families and Fort Drum as a whole. She has fought tooth and nail to protect Fort Drum from devastating cuts. As a leader on the Armed Services Committee, Elise did just that. She ensured that Fort Drum would be chosen as the preferred destination for an East Coast Missile Defense site, a designation that will lead to 1,500 jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity for the north county. Clearly a vote for Elise Stefanik is a vote for the support of our troops, past and present.

Elizabeth Brady

Sackets Harbor

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