Written by Riley Sartwell in the Watertown Daily Times on July 7, 2020

I am writing to voice my support of U.S. Elise Stefanik and her re-election for this November. I support many of Elise’s efforts in relation to our Second Amendment, agriculture, veterans and NY-21 overall; she has done a wonderful job, But it is her convictions and truth behind her beliefs that are most enduring.

On nearly every issue of import, Elise Stefanik makes her position known, explains why she holds that position and follows through with her position in her actions in Congress. Her opponent, Tedra Cobb, is the complete opposite; you seldom know her stances on issues and, lesser still, see her act on those positions.

Tedra has consistently avoided making her position known on important issues or waits until the last possible moment. Examples include impeachment, where despite raising a ton of money from the impeachment, Ms. Cobb did not make her position known until the final moment. Once the impeachment failed, Ms. Cobb backtracked her stance. In 2018, Tedra made waves for not publicly stating her position on the Second Amendment.

We need an elected official who will let the constituents know her position and will act accordingly. Regardless of your opinion on Elise Stefanik, you cannot deny her convictions to her positions — a conviction that some disagree with but enduring nonetheless. We need a congresswoman who supports her constituents and convictions; we need Elise Stefanik.

Riley Sartwell


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