Written by Joseph Debuque in the Press-Republican on July 6, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is dedicated to protecting our small businesses.

While in office, Elise has kept her promise to put the needs and interests of our community first, constantly using her platform to uplift and support the men and women operating the small businesses that make our community thrive. These mom-and-pop businesses are essential to the success of the North Country, so it is integral that our community elects an individual dedicated to helping those institutions succeed, especially in this economic climate.

For small businesses, struggles and conflicts are expected, especially in these times. However, our community can feel confident that their needs, interests, and voices are heard in Congress because Elise Stefanik is actively listening to the men and women running the small businesses. Her dedication to protecting the economic interests of the North Country reflect how much she respects and admires the hardworking men and women throughout the region.

Often the interests of small business owners are overlooked or even forgotten in Congress. However, Elise Stefanik is the representative fighting to protect the interests of North Country small businesses. That is why I am voting for Elise in November.



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