Written by Barbara Eddy in the Watertown Daily Times on June 28, 2020

As both a New Yorker and resident of the north country, I fully support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s call to investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his outrageous executive order that put our most vulnerable at risk. Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home policy has truly become his administration’s most catastrophic failure.

Throughout all the deaths from COVID-19 in New York, about a quarter of them have been residents of nursing homes. Let that sink in: Gov. Cuomo’s executive order, which forced positive novel coronavirus cases back into nursing homes, resulted in a quarter of all the deaths in New York state. Moreover, Gov. Cuomo’s office failed to report so many statistics from nursing homes throughout March and April, which kept families and our scientific community in the dark for months.

Rep. Stefanik was quick to call out Gov. Cuomo weeks ago, about this but gained little traction because of his coveted daily press conferences. Why is Gov. Cuomo continuously being praised when he has some serious explaining to do as a result of his executive order?

I support Rep. Stefanik’s call for an independent investigation on Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes because his executive authority has directly led to the deaths of our loved ones. This is just another moment where we can see Rep. Stefanik truly fighting for the people of our district.

Barbara Eddy


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