Written by Chris Kelley in the Press-Republican

TO THE EDITOR: During difficult times such as these we need to work together more than ever.

This is especially true for our elected officials. Unfortunately for our great state, Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to be more interested in getting his daily 15 minutes of fame and continuing ridiculous partisan politics than alleviating the economic strain felt by individuals and businesses throughout New York. Governor Cuomo has proven that he is more interested in pleasing wealthy liberal elites in New York City than focusing on the safety of all citizens of the state.

This is why in November, I plan to vote for Elise Stefanik to ensure her track record of bipartisan results will continue to benefit the North Country. While in office, Congresswoman Stefanik has worked across the aisle to secure numerous wins for the North Country. Unlike Governor Cuomo, Elise has proven that she is working around the clock to ensure that the needs and interests of every individual are taken into consideration. Her efforts to work with any individual from any political affiliation shows that she is willing to do anything in the best interests of our region.

When you go to the polls in November, remember Elise’s track record and how she consistently puts the needs and interests of the North Country first. Elise is someone who deserves to be one of our elected representatives, unlike Andrew Cuomo, who should stop fooling around with his brother, Chris, on CNN, and quarantine himself in his basement.



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