Written by Rose DeBuque in the Press-Republican

TO THE EDITOR: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s commitment to her work across the aisle will continue to secure wins for the North Country.

Elise currently holds the 14th place of the most bipartisan members of Congress. With representative Stefanik watching over the NY-21 district to guarantee success in our lives, our community has built up an enriched area for every citizen of our district to succeed.

Under Elise, there have been many advancements and improvements throughout our North Country, because of her dedication and efforts to ensure that the industries in the North Country continue to prosper.

Elise has proven that she will continue to work tirelessly with members of all political parties to ensure that the effective policies are developed in favor of the North Country. Her bipartisan track record has allowed for businesses in our communities to grow and develop exponentially.

In our community, a bipartisan leader is integral for our businesses and industries to flourish. That is why I will be voting for Elise Stefanik this November. Her ability to work with anyone allows for effective leadership and strong results.

Elise is the right person to represent our interests.



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