Written for 7 News on May 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) – Democrats are pushing Congress’ biggest coronavirus relief bill yet toward expected House passage.

The measure is a $3 trillion measure they say the country badly needs. Most Republicans oppose it say it’s simply a bloated election-year Democratic wish list.

You’ve heard Governor Andrew Cuomo call on Washington to provide money to states which are drowning in COVID-19 deficits.

Now the governor is telling New York’s Congressional delegation if Washington doesn’t fund states, New York’s budget cuts will be on them.

Right now Democrats in Washington have a stimulus bill which provides a trillion dollars to states and cities.

President Trump and Republicans have rejected it; the president calling it dead on arrival.

At his briefing Friday, Governor Cuomo said New York’s Congressional delegation won’t want to come back to their districts and tell people they voted not to help states.

“Either federal officials pass the bill to take care of state and local governments or you are going to be responsible for the cuts,” said Cuomo.

North country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R. – 21st District) issued the following statement:

“Speaker Pelosi did not reach across the aisle even once to work with Republicans on this $3 trillion, 1,800 page partisan wish list. This $3 trillion bill is a non-starter written behind closed doors. We need a bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill immediately to provide support for our rural counties and municipalities across our District. The New York Congressional Delegation has effectively worked to propose solutions whether its increased funds for hospitals, nursing homes, or testing capacity. The Speaker needs to reach out to all Members to negotiate a package rather than writing her bill behind closed doors and jamming in her partisan wish list including a federal takeover of state and local elections, the release of prisoners including illegal immigrants and violent offenders, and providing funding to sanctuary cities. This legislation will never become law, and Speaker Pelosi knows it. This political game is offensive to the spirit of the body of Congress and to the American people who are hurting and deserve bipartisan relief now.

“I will fight to ensure that the bipartisan bill includes direct resources for the North Country whether for our farmers who have suffered immense losses due to supply chain disruptions, direct funding for local governments to fund police forces, firefighters, and schools, extended assistance for small businesses, and enhanced support for displaced workers to reenter the workforce. Despite Pelosi’s refusal to work across the aisle, I will continue to work with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner on policy solutions that actually have a chance to be signed into law.”

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