Written by Spencer Carr in the Watertown Daily Times

I wholeheartedly support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s condemnation of China as well as her criticism of the World Health Organization.

While others remain silent, Rep. Stefanik is here to hold the Chinese Communist Party and its propaganda machine accountable.

The CCP is responsible for a massive cover-up, and its focus on misinformation and deception is costing us lives.

While the CCP is responsible for the global spread of the novel coronavirus, the WHO is responsible for the escalation.

The WHO’s lack of accountability and integrity has allowed the CCP to remain on the world stage while it lies to us about its façade with deception and false information.

It is the WHO’s responsibility to globally provide checks on things like this.

However, as early as Jan. 14, the WHO assisted Chinese authorities in their global cover-up by reporting and sharing their propaganda to the world.

Recently, Elise called out the WHO for a post where it announced that Chinese Communist Party officials found “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the coronavirus.

The WHO was wrong to back the Communist Party’s propaganda, and we should not have to fund an organization that fails to fact-check even the most outlandish reporting.

I support President Donald Trump’s plans to withhold funding from the WHO, and good on Elise for her advocacy of transparency and support for this completely justified move.

The corruption of the CCP and the inaction of global organizations need to stop.

Spencer Carr


You can read the full letter to the editor at: www.nny360.com