Written by Win Belanger in The Post-Star on March 10, 2020


I listened in on a Stefanik town hall phone call, Tuesday March 3. She did a wonderful job of letting those on the line know why she voted against some bills. It was normally an underlying attachment/rider to those bills that would have hurt us in the North Country. I thought of hanging up but it got interesting as the remaining hour produced questions affecting “everyone.” Some were state issues and although not within her control she explained each issue with knowledge and background. This revealed to me that she was in touch with our issues locally.

I lingered the hour waiting for her to stumble on an answer, it didn’t happen. The federal questions were tough ones and sometimes heart wrenching like the professional that obtained a great job out of college but still owed the same amount due to interest rates. Through each she remained a strong voice of reason with answers that were meaningful, and heart felt, showing she was aware and engaged. Even saying she would reach out after the call. At the end you could stay on the line and leave a message, I did.

I thanked her for being involved in helping me obtain over six years of VA benefits earned as a disabled veteran. I mentioned she could add a lot more to the $2.5 million in benefits she had obtained for others. She performs a service so I thanked her for her government service. This call was meaningful to me as it showed me why I will vote for Elise Stefanik this year. We have a congresswoman willing to work the bipartisan issues, support our veterans, farmers, nurses, teachers, professionals and the hard workers of the North Country. Elise Stefanik, a congresswoman of the people!

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