Written by George King in the Press-Republican on March 9, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Ever since Ms. Cobb lost in her attempt to unseat Congresswoman Stefanik we have been inundated in the press with letters to the editor proclaiming how bad Congresswoman Stefanik has been doing her job of representing the people of her district and how great Ms. Cobb will be.

In fact, there have been a number of letters accusing Congresswoman Stefanik of having higher political aspirations, as if there was something nefarious in this. Of course, the fact that Ms. Cobb is running for a higher office than she has ever held before is a case of having higher political aspirations is never addressed.

Congresswoman Stefanik has also been accused of being a conscientious follower of her leadership in Congress. Since freshmen members of Congress are discouraged from striking out on their own, Ms. Cobb can, if elected, be expected to do the same.

That brings us to our representatives from this state in the U. S. Senate. We have a senator who feels she can drop the f-bomb at will, and another that feels that he can threaten members of a co-equal branch of government (by name) with equanimity and immunity. In both instances, our senators did not feel that they needed to apologize to the individuals involved, nor to us their constituents.

And this is the leadership that we can expect Ms. Cobb to follow like a lemming.



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