Statement to America from New York and North Country Local Leadership Regarding Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Far-Left Failed Candidate Tedra Cobb and Impeachment Hearings:Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Has Never Had More Support From Her District, From New York State, and From Across the Nation; North Country Voters Remember Tedra Cobb as the Worst Democrat Candidate

As the New York State Party Chairs of the Republican, Conservative, and all 12 local Republican County Chairs, we stand united in our support for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik as she leads our country through this historic moment.

We are grateful for her service to voters throughout these impeachment hearings as she asks the strongest questions and shines the light of truth on this important Constitutional matter. We are proud that the American public has seen her emerge as the staunchest defender of truth, transparency, and the United States Constitution. The American people are discovering what we already know well at home in New York’s 21st District: She is truly a new generation leader and rising star.

Elise has won every election to Congress by historic margins because she makes promises to voters and she keeps them. In 2018, Elise won her re-election in a wave Democratic year by larger margin than any other Republican Congressional candidate in the entire Northeast. She is laser focused on results on behalf of our district and our State. She has never voted for a tax increase; she has brought home millions of dollars for education, infrastructure, and local projects; and she has been the fiercest of advocates in Congress for the North Country’s economy. Elise fought tirelessly to protect Fort Drum from sequestration. She led the entire New York Delegation in this effort and she won; and earned bipartisan respect across our region and across the Nation. Elise has gone on to pass countless bills ensuring that our military families and veterans receive the support they have earned. Elise is a legislative work horse who delivers results.

It has become clear that our district has been catapulted into the national spotlight because of the exceptional work of Elise during the impeachment hearings. The Far-Left has targeted our Congresswoman with vile attacks. At home, North Country voters couldn’t be prouder.

Her failed 2018 Far-Left opponent Tedra Cobb has decided to use this opportunity to raise money from the national left-wing apparatus promoting sexist comments and derogatory language used by reporters and liberal elites toward Elise. Her supporters are using the tag #TrashyStefanik in a vulgar, intolerable attempt to make money off of Elise’s success this week.

North Country voters remember Tedra Cobb as the worst Democrat candidate in America who lied to her voters about her support for a gun ban. Tedra Cobb is well-known throughout our district as a Cuomo-cronie, failed County Legislator who voted for numerous tax hikes. She was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters of her home county by a double digit margin. As America shines a spotlight on our district, Tedra Cobb will be introduced to people across the country as the worst Democratic candidate in America who is leading the impeachment movement against President Trump.

Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents across New York stand with Elise as she stands up for our country, our vote, the Constitution, and our President.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has never had more support from her district, from New York State, and from across the nation. We are overwhelmingly proud to support her, and we look forward with great anticipation to her continued growth as a leader and stateswoman.

Signed by,Nick Langworthy, NYGOP Chairman
Gerard Kassar, NY State Conservative PartyChairman Mike Long, NY State Conservative Party Chairman EmeritusClark Currier, Clinton County GOP Chairman
John Gereau, Essex County GOP Chairman
Shelley Mulverhill, Franklin County GOP ChairwomanSusan McNeil, Fulton County GOP Chairwoman
William Osborne, Hamilton County GOP Chairman
Sylvia Rowan, Herkimer County GOP Chairwoman
Don Coon, Jefferson County GOP Chairman
Michael Young, Lewis County GOP Chairman
Carl Zeilman, Saratoga County GOP Chairman
Tom Jenison, St. Lawrence County GOP Chairman
Michael Grasso, Warren County GOP Chairman
Dan Boucher, Washington County GOP Chairman