By, Brian Mann, Adirondack Bureau Chief. Published July 2nd 2019

Jul 02, 2019 —North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke yesterday at the Republican convention. She repeatedly criticized Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who represents parts of the Bronx and Queens.

Socialists like AOC,” Stefanik said, “are running the Democratic Party in this country and across New York state. And New Yorkers experience this first-hand – driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, highest taxes in the entire country.”

Stefanik noted that Ocasio-Cortez followed her as the youngest woman ever elected to congress, but the Republican said comparisons between herself and the Democrat end there.

She said, “And for those of you in this room, I am pretty the opposite of AOC, and I am proud of it.”

During her speech, Stefanik argued that the GOP needs more women candidates and candidates who can compete for votes in New York City.

She told the gathering, “We need to fight for all New Yorkers whether you’re from the Bronx, Brooklyn or Buffalo, whether you’re from the Hamptons, Syracuse, Watertown or Plattsburgh. And we need to recruit new types of candidates: women, veterans, minorities and young people.”

Stefanik told the crowd that her party needs to rebuild so they can seriously challenge Governor Cuomo in 2022.

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