Monday, October 15, 2018


Adirondack Daily Enterprise: “Stefanik Talks Bipartisanship”

“Stefanik is often hailed as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, ranking 27th out of 438 members in the Lugar Center’s 2017 index, the top 10 percent”

“U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is often hailed as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, ranking 27th out of 438 members in the Lugar Center’s 2017 index, the top 10 percent…”

“Being bipartisan means sometimes voting against one’s own party majority, breaking with the ideology of its leadership, even the president.

“Stefanik said she breaks with her party when she thinks a policy is out of touch with the district. For example, when President Donald Trump’s 2017 budget slashed funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, she voted against it.”

“While she is rated highly by the NRA and received a $1,000 donation from the organization in the 2016 election cycle, Stefanik, along with several other Republican members, broke with the majority to support the Fix NICS bill, which updated information sharing between federal agencies on “whether it has provided to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System disqualifying records of persons prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm,” improving the sharing of mental health and criminal history records between states and agencies.”

“The bill also established a domestic abuse and violence prevention initiative.

“Stefanik said she wants to further strengthen background checks for firearms and said she was one of the first members of Congress to co-sponsor a bump stock ban. She also supported a bill that provides funding for school resource officers on a local level.”

“On immigration, she said she thinks separating families who enter the country illegally is cruel, and said that an immigration reform package she cosponsored but did not pass, addressed that while including provisions for improved border security and visas.”

“Stefanik said she is trying to increase bipartisanship in Congress through her position as the National Republican Congressional Committee’s recruitment chair. She said the most bipartisan members tend to be women and she has recently nearly tripled the number of Republican women who are running for office, information that she said has not gotten much coverage.

“Stefanik said she thinks it is good more women are running for office across the political spectrum….She said there is a lack of women in Congress, and especially in the Armed Services and Intelligence Committees where she is a member.

“’It was pretty jarring when I was first elected … It’s one thing to read the numbers on a piece of paper about how few women there are, it’s another to walk into a room. I mean, it’s quite frequent that sometimes I’m the only woman at the table, particularly on national security issues,’ Stefanik said.”

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