“Elise has Consistently Delivered Bipartisan Results Across the North Country”

Glens Falls: Elise for Congress today announced the endorsement of the New York Independence Party for re-election.

“We are proud to support Congresswoman Stefanik’s re-election campaign for the 21st District,” said Frank MacKay, Chairman of the Independence Party of New York. “From day one, Elise has consistently delivered bipartisan results on behalf of families and small businesses, active duty soldiers and veterans, farmers and all of her constituents across the North Country.”

“We in the Independence Party of New York believe government works best when leaders reach across party lines to get things done. Elise strongly shares this principle, and we are once again pleased she will be appearing on the Independence line this November.”

“I’m proud of my strong record of working with leaders across our district and around the country – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – to deliver real results that help grow our economy, support and protect our veterans and servicemen and women, and improve access to vital services across the North Country,” said Stefanik.

“It is, once again, an honor to receive the Independence Party’s endorsement, and I will continue working hard to earn every vote this November.”

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