Thursday, October 6th, 2016


Glens Falls, NY: Elise for Congress today announced the endorsement of twenty-nine top officials in Hamilton County. The grassroots endorsements include top officials representing every town in Hamilton County.

William Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors Chairman and Morehouse Town Supervisor said, “Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been a strong advocate for the needs and interests of the people here in Hamilton County, she is truly like one of us. Her representation of Hamilton County, on issues like broadband, Invasive Species, rural roads and bridges, etc, has been exemplary. I am supporting Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, as she comes to our communities, learns what is important to us, and then represents us in Washington. Others may claim to know what is best for us, but Elise actually works with us to make a very real difference for our businesses, taxpayers, Veterans, seniors, and the list goes on and on!””

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many leaders across Hamilton County,” said Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked with these leaders – both Republicans and Democrats – to deliver real results for families and small business owners across the County.”

“I want to thank each and every one of these leaders for their bipartisan support, and for the tremendous support of our growing grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across the North Country who have joined our campaign to make Washington work for you.”

A complete list of the twenty-nine Hamilton County officials endorsing Stefanik is below:

Karl Abrams, County Sheriff
Betsy Bain, Town Council Member, Lake Pleasant
Tim Brownsell, Town Council Member, Inlet
Dianna Downing, Town Council Member, Hope
Tracy Eldridge, County Highway Superintendent
Hugh Farber, Superintendent of Highways, Morehouse
William Farber, Town Supervisor, Morehouse
William Faro II, Town Council Member, Inlet
John Frey, Town Supervisor, Inlet
Douglas Gregor, Town Council Member, Benson
Timothy Hunt, Town Council Member, Wells
Beth Hunt, County Treasurer
Randy Lavarnway, Superintendent of Highways, Lake Pleasant
Daniel Levi, Town Council Member, Inlet
Maryann Mosher, Town Council Member, Morehouse
Terry Robinson, Superintendent of Highways, Hope
Letty Rudes, Village Mayor, Speculator
Herbert Schmid, Town Council Member, Inlet
Clark Seaman, Town Supervisor, Long Lake
Amanda Seeley, Town Clerk, Morehouse
John Sheppard III, Town Council Member, Benson
Phillip Snyder, Town Supervisor, Benson
John Stuart, Town Council Member, Hope
Brian Taylor, Town Council Member, Morehouse
Brian Towers, Town Supervisor, Wells
Brian Wells, Town Supervisor, Indian Lake
Christy Wilt, Town Council Member, Arietta
Daniel Wilt, Town Supervisor, Lake Pleasant
Jane S. Zarecki, County Clerk