The Post Star
October 15, 2016

As editor, Ken Tingley pleaded with readers recently not to associate The Post-Star with the “mainstream media.” Yet in a two-week span, the paper published 14 anti-Trump and three pro-Clinton articles. It is clear that The Post-Star not only is part of the liberal mainstream media, it falls for every one of its talking points hook, line and sinker.

On Sunday, Ken continued to use the paper as his bully-pulpit and made it personal, questioning the morality of myself and anyone who supports Trump. He couldn’t finish without attacking his second favorite target, our hardworking congresswoman, Elise Stefanik. I have no idea why he continually attacks her (remember “invasive species?”). Maybe because she has proven herself to be a fresh and independent voice for the North Country and delivers a level of constituent services not seen since Jerry Solomon.

Where is the outrage over Hillary Clinton? The scandals, the deception, what she has done to women (Bill’s mistresses). Her character is arguably worse. The difference is as a Democrat she gets a free pass from the media.

This campaign hasn’t been about the issues despite the Trump/Pence positive policies for America, because the media fuels petty personal attacks. They have to because the Democrats and Clinton do not have a platform or positive message. They have a record of failed policies that continue to threaten our safety and prosperity as a country.

I support Donald Trump not for what he said 11 years ago but for what he will do: Make America great again, secure our borders, keep us safe and grow our economy. It is something no other candidate can do, that is what matters. So if you want to question the morality of an Eagle Scout, go for it Ken — you can’t shame my vote.

Harrison Francett, Queensbury

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