Friday, September 16th, 2016


63 Grassroots Endorsements from Leaders in Every Town in Washington County

Glens Falls, NY: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today announced the endorsement of sixty-three elected officials in Washington County.  The endorsements include elected officials representing every town in Washington County.

“Congresswoman Stefanik has been a staunch advocate of the needs and interests of the North Country including Washington County,” said Hampton Supervisor Dave O’Brien.  “Her advocacy on agriculture issues has been important for local farmers in the region. It means a lot to us that we have a voice in Congress who listens to our needs. I am proud to support Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election, and hope you will too.”

“As a member of the Education and the Workforce Committee, Elise has worked hard to better the education system for students and families throughout the North Country,” said Granville Board of Education President Audrey Hicks.  “We appreciate the time she spends in Washington County, and appreciate the work she is doing in Congress to improve the education system in our country. I am happy to endorse Congresswoman Stefanik for re-election.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many leaders across Washington County,” said Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked with these leaders to deliver real results for families and small business owners in every town in the County.”

“I want to thank each and every one of these leaders for their support, and for the tremendous support of our growing grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across the North Country who have joined our campaign to make Washington work for you.”

A complete list of the sixty-three elected officials endorsing Stefanik is below:

George Armstrong, Supervisor, Whitehall

Richard Ayers, Town Councilman, Argyle

Cynthia Bardin, Town Clerk, Kingsbury

Barbara Beecher, Town Councilwoman, Hartford

Marcus Blank, Town Councilman, Salem

Carmen Bogle, Village Mayor, Cambridge

Greg Brown, Highway Superintendent, Hartford

Scott Brownell, Town Councilman, Easton

Brian Campbell, Supervisor, Hebron

Ed Carpenter, Village Trustee, Fort Edward

Wes Clark, Mayor, Argyle

Tom Cosey, Town Councilman, Granville

Sanford Craig, Town Councilman, Hebron

Michael Deyoe, Town Councilman, Hartford

Mary Emery, Town Councilwoman, Granville

Bruce Ferguson, Town Councilman, Salem

George Flint, Town Councilman, Hebron

Duane Flowers, Town Councilman, Argyle

Hank Freeburn, Town Councilman, Kingsbury

Harold Gilchrist, Town Councilman, Salem

Pat Gilchrist, Town Clerk, Salem

Michael Graham, Highway Superintendent, Kingsbury

Dana Haff, Supervisor, Hartford

Bob Henke, Supervisor, Argyle; Chairman, Washington County Board of Supervisors

Susan Herrington, Town Councilwoman, Cambridge

Audrey Hicks, Board of Education President, Granville

Matt Hicks, Supervisor, Granville; Vice Chairman, Washington County Board of Supervisors

Richard Hobus, Highway Superintendent, Dresden

Dana Hogan, Supervisor, Kingsbury

Bob Humiston, Highway Superintendent, Argyle

Bob Jeffords, Town Councilman, Greenwich

Elaine Kelly, Town Clerk, Greenwich

John LaPointe, Supervisor, Putnam

Brian LaRose, Mayor, Granville

Howard Law, Town Councilman, Salem

Stephanie Lemery, Washington County Clerk

Stan Mattison, Highway Superintendent, Greenwich

Robin McMurry, Town Councilwoman, Cambridge

Richard Moore, Supervisor, Fort Ann

Randy Moy, Town Councilman, Easton

Steve Mueller, Highway Superintendent, Easton

Jeff Murphy, Washington County Sheriff

James Nelson, Town Councilman, Hebron

Al Nolette, Washington County Treasurer

Dave O’Brien, Supervisor, Hampton

Steve Patrick, Town Councilman, Greenwich

George Perkins, Town Councilman, Greenwich

Seth Pitts, Supervisor, Salem

Louis Pratt, Highway Superintendent, Whitehall

Ken Quick, Town Councilman, Granville

Matt Rathbun, Town Councilman, Granville

Travis Rea, Town Councilman, Jackson

Dan Shaw, Supervisor, Easton

Bob Shay, Supervisor, White Creek

Jay Skellie, Supervisor, Jackson

Tammy Skellie-Gilbert, Town Clerk, Jackson

Tom Skiff, Town Councilman, Easton

Eric Town, Highway Superintendent, Granville

Matt Traver, Mayor, Fort Edward

Lance Wang, Town Councilman, White Creek

Roger Weeden, Town Councilman, Hampton

Eric Whitehouse, Town Councilman, Greenwich

Dotty Worthington, Town Clerk, Hebron


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