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Elise for Congress today unveiled the closing ad of the campaign, highlighting Elise Stefanik's continued commitment to serving an independent voice for the North Country on jobs, protecting Fort Drum and our veterans, and on preserving social security for seniors

Elise for Congress today unveiled a new campaign ad highlighting Elise Stefanik's bipartisan record on fighting for our agricultural community, including her fight for rural broadband, and for protecting farmers from onerous EPA regulations. From "cows to crops" Elise says in the ad, "agriculture drives our economy."

Less than two years ago we elected Elise Stefanik as our congresswoman and made her the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Even though she is less than 1/4 of 1 percent of the House of Representatives and a freshman, she was able to obtain seats on the important Armed Services and Education and Workforce committees.

Elise for Congress today released a new TV ad highlighting her strong, bipartisan record keeping her campaign promises to North Country voters to protect Medicare and Social Security, on transparency and government accountability.

I’ve never met anyone more qualified and better prepared to represent us in Congress than Elise Stefanik. We can be proud of electing the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, but more important is that Elise is doing an outstanding job in her first term. In my opinion, she has earned a second term the old fashioned way — through hard work.

As editor, Ken Tingley pleaded with readers recently not to associate The Post-Star with the “mainstream media.” Yet in a two-week span, the paper published 14 anti-Trump and three pro-Clinton articles. It is clear that The Post-Star not only is part of the liberal mainstream media, it falls for every one of its talking points hook, line and sinker.

After reading a recent publication, I am compelled to write in support of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. I am a veteran and like many other veterans I was having a major problem with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Former U.S. Secretary of the Army John McHugh on Thursday issued a statement regarding his support for re-election of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro.

Elise for Congress today released a new campaign ad reminding voters which candidate is the true progressive in this Election, and which Republican turned Democrat candidate supports the Obama Administration's dangerous deal with Iran, which makes America and our allies less safe, as evidenced by this week’s Iranian rebel activity in the Gulf region.

Glens Falls, NY: Elise for Congress today announced the endorsement of top New York State Members of the Assembly. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was proud to receive the endorsement of every Republican State Assembly member representing the 21st District: Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush, 117th Assembly District Assemblyman Marc Butler, 118th Assembly District Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, 115th Assembly District Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin, 107th Assembly District Assemblyman Dan Stec, 114th Assembly District