Education Our Students

Local and Accountable

Educating our children properly gives them the best opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. Preparing young students for college and beyond fuels our economy with new generations of innovators and entrepreneurs. Elise understands the key to a well-educated workforce is through academic success early on. But time and time again we see how a one-size-fits-all bloated federal program often fails and is riddled with inefficiencies and waste. Why would we educate our students this way?

Federal programs such as Common Core are not the answer and only put Washington bureaucrats in charge of New York schools and students. As the Representative from the 21st District, Elise will fight to make sure parents and teachers in our New York communities are the ones making the best educational decisions for Northern New York students.

Education beyond high school must also remain a priority as well as accessible and affordable. Larger universities and four-year colleges aren’t the right fit for every student. But vocational schools, technical colleges, and community colleges also offer high school graduates more opportunities to achieve their goals. These academic options throughout the 21st Congressional District are an important component to ensuring the American workforce is well-educated and prepared for the future.

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