Elise for Congress Statement on Government Shutdown

Businesswoman Elise Stefanik, candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District, released the following statement on the government shutdown:

Willsboro, NY – Elise Stefanik released the following statement regarding the federal government shutting down:

“Once again, Congress has been shamefully negligent in its responsibility to govern. Democrats and Republicans are engaging in political brinkmanship rather than solving the budgetary crisis of the country at the expense of hardworking families. Enough already.

Congress continues to kick the can down the road on long-term fiscal responsibilities choosing to engage in political battles over short term stop gap spending bills instead of long-term budget solutions.

If Congress can’t get the work done we send them to do, then they shouldn’t get paid – especially if the government shuts down. If I were in Congress, I would forgo my pay and call on Congressman Owens to do the same.

Instead, Congressman Bill Owens continues to point fingers at others to gain political points instead of being a part of the solution. Congressman Owens had four opportunities to put politics aside and vote to fund the government while delaying Obamacare for hardworking families in the 21st Congressional District and repealing the medical device tax. Instead, he put his political party before the people of this District and voted to shut down the government.

Laws passed by Congress – like Obamacare that Congressman Owens voted for on his first day after he was sworn into office – should apply to everyone. No special Obamacare exemptions for Members of Congress, and no picking and choosing who a law applies to and who it does not.

I am running for Congress to bring new ideas and new leadership to represent voters in New York’s 21st Congressional District who deserve results instead of the tired political theater in Washington.”


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